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true empty legs

New Empty Legs:

New York-West Palm Hawker 800XP May 18-20
Boston-Nassau Gulfstream GIV June 18-20
Los Angeles-Cabo Lear 60 May 21
Miami-Grand Cayman Citation X May 17

Atlanta-New York Hawker 400XP May 22
New York-Maine Citation V May 24
Houston-Chicago Hawker 1000 May 28
Nassau-Boston Challenger 300 May 30

London-NY/FL Gulfstream GIV/G550 May 15-16
East Coast-Vegas Citation X May 19-20
Houston-Vegas Lear 60 May 25

New York-London Gulfstream GIV May 16-18
Hawaii-Los Angeles Gulfstream GIII May 20
New York-Germany Global Express May 24-28

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